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  • 20th March 2013 – Another Court Date in the Brian Ludwig Manslaughter Case:

    20th March 2013 – Another Court Date in the Brian Ludwig Manslaughter Case:

    Calgary, Alberta:

    Today was the 8th court date set aside under the “Court Case Management” system, dubbed CCM, in the manslaughter case of Brian Ludwig. Again no plea was entered by the defence counsel and the accused; therefore, the case has been rescheduled to a new CCM date – the 5th April 2013 which will bring the proceedings in this case up to 222 days from the onset of Brian’s murder.

    So far, all of the court proceedings in Brian’s case have been held behind closed doors, involving the defence counsel and at least one of the 77 Crown prosecutors in the Calgary office, Colin Schulhauser. Colin Schulhauser is a Crown Prosecutor who was called to the bar in Alberta in 2011.

    The accused does not have to attend this legal process although it is his right to do so.

    In Canadian Criminal Murder cases almost all individuals who are accused of murder do not plead “guilty”. I guess that they don’t want to fall back on their own sword.

    It seems the prosecutor is trying to convince the accused to deal with a “guilty” plea and the accused may be considering it; however, the existing problem is the defence counsel is having difficulty in sitting down with his client to discuss the matter before them.

    Why? The accused is currently working up north.

    CCM is a judicially-led initiative designed to effectively manage criminal matters in the Alberta Provincial Criminal Court with the intention of increasing public confidence in the justice system and improve access to justice. 1

    The CCM project was approved on the 8th of July 2009 but experienced some procurement delays at the beginning of the program. However, by 2010, according to their statistics, the CCM system had increased the efficiency of the Alberta Criminal Court system. Their statistics state: the median elapsed time in 2010 of a court case in the Calgary Criminal court system from the first appearance date to the final disposition was: with a trial the elapsed time was 252.5 days – without a trial it was 142 days. 1

    One of the major changes that this system hoped to implement is a “cradle to grave” file ownership program whereby the Crown Attorney who inherited the case at the onset of the case sees the case through to its final outcome.

    A series of well-intended words strung together do not necessarily convey reality nor represent the truth.

    To date, we have had no access to any of the technical events within the legal process of the case for the murder of our son. All we have are unanswered questions. 222 days of them.

    Is the accused going to fall back on his own sword this time? Only time will tell.

    AUTHOR: Angela Ludwig


    1 http://www.albertacourts.ab.ca/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=TFcLwniYMNE%3d&tabid=331


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