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  • Jail Time Does Prevent Violent Crimes:

    Our criminal justice system in Canada is a joke.

    My son – Brian Ludwig – was murdered on the 26 August 2012. He was the victim of a One Punch Homicide. His killer hit him from behind. His killer walked away a free man.

    I know the argument for not putting people in jail is that “jail time does not prevent crimes”.


    Sometime prior to him killing Brian, he had been before the Canadian criminal courts on an “assault charge”. This charge was dropped. Had the Canadian criminal legal system done their job the way they are paid to do so, he would have been in jail and Brian would be alive today.

    You understand that right – Brian would still be alive today.

    He spent one week in jail for Brian’s murder before he was let out on $3000 bail. One of the bail conditions was that he refrains from using drugs and alcohol and that he not attend away from bars (drinking establishments). In March 2013, he was arrested at the corner of 18 Street and Queensland Drive (Calgary) in his vehicle and charged with “impaired driving.”

    Back to jail where he promptly appealed to a higher court and was let back out on the streets. In March 2014, the Court of the Queens Bench dropped this charge too. The arresting police officer made a “fatal mistake” they said.

    June 2014 the manslaughter charges against him were “stayed” which is just a fancy term for “dropped”. Too bad we don’t have a video of the murder they told us.

    December 2014 this exemplary citizen of Canada was again arrested. However, the charges were of a lesser charge that wouldn’t result in jail time. An example of that might be “in possession of a stolen vehicle”.

    In February 2015, he had a court date for “failing to comply.”

    Then in March 2015, he was again back in jail and charge with “armed robbery”. This time, a whopping big bail amount was set – much more than for Brian’s murder - $18.000.

    So you still think we have a good legal system?

    Think again.

    Angela Ludwig - 3 March 2016.





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